Frequent ask questions

Frequent Ask Questions:

1. If my tooth is chipped, can I do a filling instead?

If the fractured area involves a corner of the tooth,  filling cannot withstand the daily biting force and will fall out.  Very often these fractured area is where the opposing tooth cusp (the pointy area of the opposing tooth) is hitting.  Crown holds the whole tooth together so biting force will not wedge the tooth apart. Dr. Chui needs to look at the extend of the chipped area to determine the best treatment option.

2, How long will a Zirconia crown last?

Zirconia is a very hard material and almost unbreakable.  Oral hygiene is very important in maintaining the crown.  There is still natural tooth structure under the crown.  Good oral hygiene and regular check up can help keep bacteria from eating the natural tooth structure (which is the #1 reason why crown fails). 

3. Will insurance cover Zirconia crown?

Most insurance has some coverage.  Ask Dr. Chui's receptionists and they can tell you your specific plan coverage.

4. Do I take it out to clean?

No.  Crowns are cemented onto a tooth.  The crown will not be able to removed unless dentist trims it and breaks it apart.

5. Will the color match my own tooth?

You can pick the color.  In our office, we have a shade guide (color selection) you can choose from.  Color matching depends on lighting.  If esthetic is your concern, Dr. Chui can tell  you where to go for perfect color matching.