Dental technologies

  • Panoramic machine
  •       Regular Full Mouth Xray requires more than 10 small pictures taken inside your mouth which might be quite uncomfortable. Our Panoramic machine takes one big picuture of the whole mouth.  All you have to do is to stand in the machine and it's camera will spin around you and take a picture.  It also covers a larger area which you can see wisdom teeth roots and vital structures of the jaw better.

  • Air abrasion
        If you have a small smooth surface cavity,  you might not need novocaine.  This pain-free technology opens up grooves and decay area  so you may have a comfortable filling experience.
  • TV in operatories
        We have TV in every operatory that you may enjoy your favourite movies or learn about the dental procedure you need during treatment.  It takes you into a whole new world away from the dental procedure.

  • Brand new Digital intraoral X-ray:
  •     Our Digital intraoral xray has 70% less radiation than regular xray films.  No developing is needed and images comes out in a matter of few seconds.

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