Zirconia crown

Dr. Chui provides Zirconia Crowns for Cracked teeth 
in Brookline, MA
Cracked tooth treatment that protects teeth and is esthetic

See a dentist right away if you suspect that you have a cracked or fractured tooth.  Cracked tooth could be serious if left untreated because crack line can continue and its direction cannot be controlled.  Depends on the way fracture occur,  you might or might not have symptom, but treatment can be ranging from tooth shaving the tooth slightly to removing the tooth if necessary.

Zirconia crown is a great way to fix a crack tooth.  Not only it can hold the tooth together against daily biting force, but it also is comparable to the look of the natural tooth color.  The strength of a Zirconia crown is also superior and is suitable for people who grind their teeth. 




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